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What Details Matter for your Video Marketing Success?

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What Details Matter for your Video Marketing Success?

What Details Matter for your Video Marketing Success?


We’ve all been there, browsing through YouTube videos or Facebook video posts and they may have caught your interest for a couple minutes but then you just move on to the next. YouTube counts it as a “view” after 30-seconds of watching the video. Facebook on the other hand counts it as a “view” after just the 3-second mark! This may be good for your analytics and showing that people are viewing your stuff. But, are you really achieving FULL engagement with the viewer through video advertising??

What Really Matters in Video Marketing

More recently in certain studies, people really weighed out their options with YouTube and Facebook being the best outlet for video marketing. Through some extensive research, Facebook has seemingly come out on top every time! In recent years Facebook has taken a serious spike in users, being that Facebook is now “cool” for older users. For example, your parents weirdly interacting and sharing way too much of there personal lives through Facebook. Does that ring a bell for you? So, about around that age group and older are actively watching videos and interacting most on that social network platform.

So, when you’re coming up with a really good marketing plan, think to yourself, will this get engagement? Another key factor in seeing if your video marketing is going well are the comments. Pay close attention to comments to see how your viewers are reacting to the topics you’re covering. Engagement is EVERYTHING on a video or even a regular picture ad. You want people to be commenting on your ad, because comments cause buzz, and buzz causes more engagement.

Lastly, brand awareness. It is important to see how your viewers bounce back and forth between similar platforms and share them. Ultimately, you want to leave your viewers saying, “Wow this was great, I have to share this!” in the end, creating awareness of your brand!