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5 Tips For Efficient Video Marketing

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5 Tips For Efficient Video Marketing

5 Tips For Efficient Video Marketing

Video marketing is a very attractive prospect for any growing business, and is only going to grow in importance in the years to come. The incredible popularity of sites like YouTube, where billions of videos are uploaded, watched and shared every day, shows the huge potential market for video content.

But producing video marketing content can be tricky to get right, and a very costly mistake if it goes wrong. To help keep you on the right path, below are some tips to make sure your video marketing strategy is as efficient as possible.


Get the tone of your marketing video right

This is a very important question you should definitely be considering when planning your video marketing strategy; what should the tone of my videos be? The answer to this question would be that it depends on the kind of impact you want your video to have.

If you’re trying to raise brand awareness, then you may want to go for more comedic, lighter toned video content. If you are trying to increase sales, then you should stick to more informational videos.


Know the different platforms and integrate them

It is vital that, if you want your video marketing strategy to be a successful one, you keep up to date with all the different social media channels

Snapchat, for example, is recently making more and more waves in video marketing circles. It also has its own unique considerations, with video ads being displayed vertically, rather than the horizontal format the vast majority of other platforms use.

Another thing you should be doing is integrating your social media platforms into your website. Embed your YouTube videos onto your website, as this not only helps keep the videos on your site optimised for mobile use, but can even be a boost to your search engine optimisation (SEO).


Get the right length

Many different companies have strived to find the perfect length for video advertisements, and depending on where you look, you’ll find varying answers. What most of these answers have in common is that you should keep your video short, and try not to make it overly complicated, as this is the best way to hold a viewer’s interest throughout the entire video.


Encourage video sharing

You should always be actively encouraging people to share the content you create. This not only helps your content reach as many people as possible but it can also mean great things for your SEO. Include buttons for YouTube, Twitter and Facebook sharing, and allow people to embed your videos on their own websites or blogs.


Include a CTA 

Every video you produce should present the viewer with a call to action (CTA) at some point. Including hashtags in your video content encourages users to post to social media, or invite viewers to visit your website or purchase a product featured in the video.

Any call to action is better than none, as videos without any kind of CTA leave viewers stranded and much less likely to interact further with your business in any capacity.

So, don’t delay, visit Mad Video today to take your video marketing to the next level.