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Animated video marketing for your business

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Animated video marketing for your business

Animated video marketing for your business

Choosing the right type of animated video to produce is important, you need your video to convey exactly what you want in order to make the sale. There are several types and styles to choose from. Your animated video might be used in order to get more traffic to your website, or used as a local commercial to generate more business in your immediate area.


Your animated video marketing choices

Examples of different types include demonstration, how-to, tutorials, marketing videos, and explainer videos. We offer some distinctive styles for your video type:

Infographic Video

Infographics show and explain complex information in an easy to view, easy to understand, and engaging way to provide that information to the viewer. Using an infographic video rather than another type can help organize your information in a way your potential customer can understand. People process visual information much faster than textual information, this makes an infographic video the best choice for statistics or lots of information.

Whiteboard Video

A whiteboard video is an artistic way to convey your message and information to consumers. A whiteboard is used as the canvas, and an artist will illustrate and write on it. As your information is presented in the video, the viewer sees this being drawn as it is explained, creating a more dynamic experience and gets your message across better.

Cartoon Animation

A cartoon animation is a fun way to convey your message to viewers. A tv commercial can be more friendly and approachable if it is animated in a very cartoony style. These are animated videos that range in style from very corporate non-cartoony styles to the super-fun “cartoon-network” quality videos.