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How to Start a YouTube Channel

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How to Start a YouTube Channel

How to Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube has become the biggest sensation out there the past couple of years. One thing that everyone is doing these days is getting a YouTube channel. It is a great and easy way for you to market yourself or your product online using video marketing. So, to help you out a little bit in creating this new YouTube channel you are about to create. I want to explain how to create and build your own YouTube channel. The process of creating a YouTube channel just takes a few minutes of your time.

Creating Your Own YouTube Channel

1. Of course, launch any web browser that you have on your computer and go to YouTube.com.

2. When you get to the YouTube homepage, click on the “Sign In” link that is located near the top-right corner of the screen.

3. When the YouTube “Sign In” screen appears you will also see a Google symbol in the upper left corner. Click “Create an Account” button that’s displayed in the upper-right corner. You’ll be redirected to create your own Google account.

4. When you’re directed to the “create a Google Account page” you will be instructed to fill out a basic form with your name and birthdate and also prompted to create a unique username. When you create this username it will also become the name for your YouTube channel, so make it good! You can use your business name or something that is super unique and clever that people will remember. If your page promotes a certain product or organization, then consider using that as the YouTube username.

5. Once you have finished creating your Google Account Profile, then comes the fun part, uploading a standout profile picture! You can upload a picture of yourself, a company logo, or a photo of the product you’re going to be making videos about on your new YouTube channel! Don’t forget, when you create videos about a product or promotion, it is a great way to utilize YouTube as an advertising tool.

6. You will receive confirmation emails for your new Google Account and to verify your address. Click to confirm.

7. Once that is all done you will then need to convert your Google Account into your new YouTube channel. This will only take a few minutes.

8. Login to your new account on YouTube.

9. Located near the upper-right corner of the screen, you’ll see your profile picture. Click on it to display the Google Account Menu

10. Click on “My Channel” then “Create Your YouTube Channel” screen will be displayed, and then click “edit” and create your YouTube identity!

11. Do not forget under the “Activities you’ll share on your channel” make sure to check off all the activities you want to be happening from viewers when you upload a video.

12. Click the “OK, I’m Ready to Continue” button and you’re ready to get started creating on your new YouTube channel!

Make sure to be creative and set yourself apart from everyone else on YouTube. One way to set you apart from everyone else is to come up with a really good marketing plan! YouTube has become a HUGE way for people to share their knowledge and talent about certain subjects and products. If you are promoting a product or teaching tutorials on YouTube make sure to come up with a creative eye catching way to draw in more viewers.