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Media of Viral Marketing

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Media of Viral Marketing

Media of Viral Marketing


The media of viral marketing are obviously the social media. Social media are the hubs of information transmission. All marketers can publicize their products or services in social media. Popularity of such publication often increases the publicity of the brand.

The basic of viral marketing lies in the catchy content of a publication. The content can be of any of the following:

  • text,
  • drawings,
  • animation,
  • video,
  • photograph,
  • slideshow

If anyone likes it, she or he will chatter about the same in different groups where she or he is networked. Then mass curiosity grows on the publication. Curious ones will certainly peep in the publication and again chatter about it. The popularity of the brand in the publication spreads like wildfire just by word of mouth.

The steps of viral marketing are as follows:

  1. If you own a brand of chocolate, prepare a short video on its production.
  2. Then upload the video on YouTube.
  3. After you broadcast the video in YouTube, link the video to Twitter.
  4. Next you may embed the link to your video on your blog.
  5. Next you can promote the video, by creating promotion on Orkut and uploading the same in your favorite videos.
  6. You can upload the video also on Facebook.

Thus, your brand of chocolate reaches in front of millions. People on your network will now get informed of the brand. Their posts on blogs and forums on their networks will make the brand more popular and create a viral effect.

Corporate biggies can also take advantage of promotion through this channel of public media. The IBM "mockumentary" on YouTube is the best example of such viral marketing.

Viral marketing is much cheaper in comparison to other ways and means of brand promotion. It is quite viable in terms of return on investment.


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