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Reasons to Use Cartoon Animation in Your Marketing

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Reasons to Use Cartoon Animation in Your Marketing

Reasons to Use Cartoon Animation in Your Marketing

Cartoon animation is growing in popularity

Among the wide variety of explainer videos (short videos used to quickly tell brand stories) being used by marketing departments today, cartoon animation is by far the most popular. This is because they so effectively add emotion and individuality to your brand identity.

Cartoon animation is intrinsically connected with conveying story, which means it is more effective at making your audience connect with your business.


It reminds people of their youth

Almost all of us grew up watching cartoons of some description, and many of us still feel that rush of nostalgia when we’re exposed to cartoons as adults. Cartoon animation helps tap into this sense of nostalgia in the viewer, and can create an emotional attachment and increased engagement as your viewer learns about your business and its products.


It helps keep a light tone

If you want to create marketing that has a lighter tone or is more comedic in nature, then cartoon animation is the perfect match for you. Cartoon animation allows you to sidestep the harsh realities of everyday life and present your business in a more light hearted manner. It’s an ideal medium if you want to strike a comedic tone as well, just think about how almost all of the cartoons from our youth were comedies.


It is highly customizable

We all know how impactful it can be when we consume a piece of media that contains a character we feel directly represents ourselves. This level of representation helps viewers build a deep connection with the media they are consuming, and this includes marketing and advertising.

Cartoon animation is a highly customisable medium which allows you to tailor fit your video – and the characters in it – directly to your specific target audience. Rather than having to recast

This customizable nature allows you to tailor fit your animation – and the characters in it – to appeal directly to your specific target audience.

Rather than having to completely recast and reshoot a live action video, cartoon animations can simply – and cheaply – be tweaked to target different age demographics or focused target markets, making it easy to increase the chances you’ll connect with your target audience.

It engages with viewers

All these factors make cartoon animation an excellent method of fostering a strong emotional response in viewers, which time and again has proven to foster increased engagement with the brands involved in the video.

This is especially true if you can create unique and engaging cartoon characters, which have the potential to induce empathetic responses in viewers.

It is cost effective

One of the biggest challenges facing marketing departments who want to produce videos is how to make videos both high quality and cost effective. Cartoon animation removes many of the expenses involved in live action videos, such as cameras, boom mics and securing locations. With cartoon animation you can have a higher quality product for a fraction of the price.

To find out more about how cartoon animation can help you take your marketing to the next level, visit Mad Video today!