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The Secret Path From Live Video Production to Video Marketing

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The Secret Path From Live Video Production to Video Marketing

The Secret Path From Live Video Production to Video Marketing


Many people these days are using live video production as a way to attract customers to their websites in a form of video marketing. It isn’t necessarily take a lot of skill or talent to effectively write live video production scripts to use within a video marketing campaign, but the task may still seem daunting to many. By following a few simple steps in the script writing process, you will likely produce an outstanding video that is an effective marketing tool.

If you already have an article that fully details the topic of the live video production you wish to create, you will be able to find some excellent tools online that can turn the article into a viral marketing video. This is a great option for those that wish to save some time. However, it can be much more fun and a better solution to write the script yourself. This way, you will be able to fully customize every single aspect of the video, from the words being said to the visuals.

For those who are just getting started in a live video production project, there are a few steps you can follow to create an effective video that can be used to market your website. The first step is deciding how long you want your video to be. Shorter is usually more effective when it comes to online videos because they take less time to load and less attention is needed.

When starting the writing process for the live video production, you will want to create a list of keywords that pertain to the topic of your video. From this list, you will then want to create a rough draft, including every word you wrote down, as a voice over script. The writing process will then lead to the final script where you will rewrite the rough draft in second long intervals of 3 words per second for the entire length of the video. If you are making a 30 second video, you will have 90 words within your script.

As you read through your script, you will want to think about all the visuals you want to show during the voice over. When you define everything you want to include as much as possible prior to the production phase, you will be able to create a much better live video production in a short amount of time.

It seems very complicated, well it is.


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