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Using 360 video for your business

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Using 360 video for your business

Using 360 video for your business

By this point, you’ve probably experienced 360 degree videos at some point. Visit sites like YouTube and they become inescapable, breath taking videos of paragliding and white knuckle skiing that you can manipulate and view from any and every angle. It’s hugely entertaining, but it could also be hugely beneficial to your business, particularly for marketing your business.

Being able to view video footage in all 360 degrees, consuming content, is a truly interactive experience for the viewer, and if you take advantage of this exciting technology, the rewards could be manifold.

There are certain industries where the benefits of 360 video will be readily apparent; travel, for instance, can use the technology to allow customers to try out different locations around the world before committing to a plane ticket. Also, think how amazing it is to be able to watch a sports event or concert with as much control over your view as if you had bought a ticket.

The first thing many people will ask about using 360 video will be; can it make a measurable impact on my business? Well, Google wondered the same thing and they experimented with a trial for 360 video ads, placing them side by side with standard format videos using TrueView.

After comparing the metrics Google found that although the 360 video ad didn’t garner as high a view-through as the standard ad, the 360 ad did have a higher click-through rate, as well as 41% more earned actions (subscribes, shares and views) and a 46% higher view count of the full length ad compared to the standard one. Using 360 video actively encourages more interactivity between your business and your customers, which can only be a good thing.

By implementing 360 video content on your website, for example, you are encouraging customers to linger on your website far longer than they would with standard video. Due to the personalised viewing nature of 360 ads, viewers like to replay videos many times, wanting to make sure they have captured every single detail that they might have missed the first time round, and this can improve your business SEO.

360 video also has the potential to tip consumers over to buying into your business. Think about how many people still hold off on buying something online, because they want to wait until they can see the item in more detail as it actually exists in the world. 360 degree videos allow your customer to do that from the comfort of their own home, whether you are an architect, showing video footage of your buildings in all 360 degrees, or you sell cars and allow your customers to take your products on a photo realistic virtual test drive without even having to get out of bed.

Hopefully you now have some more insight into how you can use 360 videos as a part of your business strategy, visit Mad Video Animation today to find out more about using video today!