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Video Marketing Targeting

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Video Marketing Targeting

Video Marketing Targeting

If you put out average material, expect average results. We all know that we can just throw out videos and then sit around and wait to expect viewers, comments and likes to just roll on in. But, that is not exactly how it works all the time. You need to target the correct audience for your video marketing in order to drive in viewers who will actually be interested in the material you’re putting out there.

Targeting the Right Audience for Video Marketing

A HUGE majority of mobile advertising focuses on location. Geo-targeted marketing is the hottest trend right now considering video marketing takes up about 50% of all mobile data. So, focus on your audience in the mobile world. This is a great reason to include video into the mix of all your other marketing plan tactics.

Keep your clients engaged. This should be the number one thing on your mind at all time. Did you know that 80% of your revenue in the future will come from the 20% of customers you ALREADY have?! That is crazy! So, one thing you want to be doing is keep your customers coming back for more with video optimization. Whether it be a video of a new product you have or a new advertising commercial you have, people are very visual and enjoy viewing something better than having to read a text-filled press release or generic Facebook post.

Optimize, optimize, optimize! Businesses are using video more and more as a part of their marketing strategy. However, what good is video if no one knows where to look for it? You can spend a billion dollars producing the most amazing, high tech, 30-second video and only get 10 views on YouTube if you don’t optimize the video.