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Viral Videos in Youtube

Viral Videos in Youtube


It is a fact when someone says that YouTube has won the hearts of millions of people. With millions of video views every day, we can conclude that is one of the reasons why many people go online these days.

YouTube does not restrict people from uploading videos in their site. Even if you are not a trained or skilled film maker, you can still share those videos that you captured. Many just use digital cameras to record videos and the places chosen are not usually fancy.

With the popularity and comfort of using YouTube, people even came up with a term to describe the favorite videos of many. It is called viral videos. Needless to say, they used the word viral because these videos spread like a virus.

The video of a man called Evolution of Dance in YouTube was watched over 140 million times. Sounds incredible isn’t it? The man showed off his amazing dancing skill with different kinds of dances from different generations. And now, he is quite popular and he is being even invited to perform in parties and other functions.

Incredible talent like this should not be kept. If it wasn’t for his video, he might still be dancing and showcasing his talent in front of his parents, family and friends instead of the world.

There are many TV programs nowadays that show people’s talents from different countries. The problem is that they don’t show it all. In this man’s case, he could have sent his videos to these TV shows but for sure, his clip will be cut and only portions of it will be seen by the viewers.

If you prefer action or something wild, then you might want to check out the Battle at Kruger. It is about a pitiful baby buffalo who was running towards an alligator with mouth wide opened because he was being run after by wild lions. Good thing the baby buffalo’s herd came to protect him and chased the lions afterwards.

This video was seen by over 50 million people because of the convenience in searching for it. In the past, finding videos like this was like finding a needle in a haystack. Well not anymore, since we have sites where we can find clips that are not usually broadcasted on TV.

The internet is the one responsible for all of this. Without it, videos that were professionally or non-professionally made will not be seen by the world thus become worthless.


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