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Web Video Production: Must-To-Have For E-Commerce

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Web Video Production: Must-To-Have For E-Commerce

Web Video Production: Must-To-Have For E-Commerce


Accelerated progress in the field of information technology has made videography a prized skill for e-commerce. Print messages are becoming out of date. Most internet users tend to avoid reading tediously long promotional articles, which sing the virtues of consumer goods and services. Instead, people now prefer vivid images. With a synergetic blend of pictures, sounds, texts and movements, online videos are increasingly becoming an inexpensive and handy tool for sales and marketing purposes. A unique, well thought-out and brilliantly executed online video can help your company make lasting impressions on the minds of billions of potential consumers worldwide. It takes them on La Visite Grande (The Grand Tour) of what they have been missing from the comfort of their homes.

Virtues of Web Video Production

Gone are the days where newspapers and radio used to transmit every "it's happening!" news. These days social media has taken over. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube determine what is newsworthy. So do not be a dinosaur. Evolve! Your company needs to have a digital presence on social media and nothing can provide it better than a short and interactive online video. While skimming through large chunks of written material, most people would take the time out to stream an online video and get some dynamic and visual experience. This keeps them on your website for a longer time, developing their interest in your product, increasing ad revenue and the likelihood for subscription or sale to occasion. People also re-watch videos, share them on their home pages or forward to friends and acquaintances. Recently, search engines like Google have started to integrate online videos in their search result lists. This means that with Search Engine Optimization, online videos can be used as powerful tools to get internet traffic for free.

Demystifying Viral Videos!

Lady Luck does not ensure that your video goes viral. A little bit of homework on your part does! The first and most important step in successful web video production is knowing your audience well. Going for universal appeal is an utter waste of time. Instead, focus on what your brand caters to. Is it teenagers, fashionistas, high-profile celebrities or work-at-home moms? Be hyper-selective! Give a face to your audience. Secondly, arouse intense psychological response in your audience. Most videos tend to be shared because they tug at viewer's heart.They evoke sentiments of disgust, joy, shock, compassion or inspiration. Susan Boyle's audition clip from Britain's Got Talent being a point in case here. Also, MAKE IT TO THE POINT. Rote learn three Ps! Powerful, Precise and Price-effective. Nobody has time to hear long rants about how amazing your brand is. Put something unique on the table. Think out of the box. Arouse curiosity and be memorable. Surprise the audience! This is exactly what made internet memes an instant sensation. Lastly, DISTRIBUTION can not be emphasized enough. YouTube alone will not wave a magic wand. Get the right people to notice your video. If a celebrity shares it on their Twitter account, your video enjoys viewership of their own online fan base.


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