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WOMit For WOMen – Women and Word of Mouth Marketing

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WOMit For WOMen – Women and Word of Mouth Marketing

WOMit For WOMen – Women and Word of Mouth Marketing


So I am researching my blog on the web and I type the keywords men and viral together, I get hits from one viral marketing campaign after another. And then I type women and vira l for keywords in the same search engine and the SERP is filled with hits on HIV / AIDS and the flu … and may a hit on some viral marketing campaign targeting women (more often than not Dove's " Real Beauty "campaign)

Considering that successful viral campaigns are almost always emotional, not as many are targeted to women, or moms – now a power demographic. Even though latest statistics on social media usage show that more women use social networks than men, and they are online as much or more often and for longer than men. Women even play online games more than men do, because they do not spend as much time as men on video games … except Nintendo is trying really hard to get them hooked to Wii Fit. Nintendo has a new campaign targeting women, but they fear that they might "alienate" the core gamers, because – god forbid – they use any product that even remotely sends off a feminine vibe!

According to Rapleaf.com and common observation, more men use transactional media (LinkedIn) and more women use relationship media (Facebook), and women are more vested in the networks. Then how come all the cool and funny stuff is sent to my husband's inbox? Where's my raunchy, funny and silly video clip or game that I could pass on to my friends? I'm up for a casual laugh. The next brand to tickle my funny bone is the one I'm going to have a fling with … and you never know things maybe even get serious; heck we might even tie the knot. In this fickle consumer market that is a huge promise.

Marketers seem to believe that women will only spread the word, or share a video or email with a friend if it makes fun of men ( Pepto Bismol's Rex campaign ) or is about a serious cause, Yoplait's Think before you Pink (for breast cancer awareness) ), or is humanitarian. Or of course warm-and-witty with a men-are-dumb twist. Women are from Venus and Men are Morons ? I am a marketing professional and the elusive "mom" that all of you marketers are trying to chat up. And hey, hey, no "empowering" videos please – really, no thanks Yoplait and Dove, I've had enough of that; my self-esteem is not that low … yet.

Remember, the next time all you guys are huddled in the boardroom brainstorming the perfect viral marketing micro-site for us, the sisterhood of the traveling pants only works if the pants fit, are not pink, and can be unisex!


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